About Me

Hi there, Welcome to dwllew!

I started this blog for one reason: I want to share more of my life with you. I’m a 16 year old girl  that has this huge love for photography and writing. Sharing is another story. I’ve always kept my stories and pictures to myself, even though I’ve always wanted to share them. I write every day in my journal that I carry around, but right now I would like to try something new.

Maybe I should explain some things about myself. I’m still in High School but I can’t wait to graduate and finally being able to leave this place. It’s not that I hate it here. It’s because I know there are so many other amazing places in this world, and everything inside me screams to leave, to explore, to survive. But I know I will, I just have to wait for a bit and make the best of it now.

The last years I’ve become obsessed with Photography. The moments you capture, the story’s you make, the possibility’s, the results, everything about it made me fall in love with a camera. I don’t like the result of taking pictures without a story that much. I do make these pictures, sometimes. But when I look back at a moment I captured a story, the picture will be worth a lot more for me.

I have a billion thoughts a day,  but the thing is, I don’t lose that thought, I will start to create an opinion about it, a whole story, maybe a poem or even advice for myself.  Maybe this way of thinking is the thing I love about myself the most. I try to write everything down, but sometimes my thoughts become to much and then the thoughts will automatically disappear. When I write or think deeper, I feel time better. I write my feelings and thoughts down, and I can experience my feelings at that moment or happening a lot more.

I hope this blog will bring you into my thoughts, that it makes you think about stuff in life you probably never even thought you could think about. I hope this blog will help me, to find out who I am, and who I want to be. I hope you like to read my writing.