Twenty eight

If your’e wondering, no, I’m not that old as the title says. It’s just the 28th of January. (I know I’m the best titel maker in the world(:) I’m Living sixteen year in the same village at the same place, but saw many beautiful places on this earth. And there are still many to come. And I thought it would be fun to do some kind of series. About a day in my life. They do already exist. I’m aware of that, so it’s not that original, but still, the weird and original thing about it is that every human has the same amount of hours in a day and still everybody lives their own rollercoaster life.

Because in the next three months I’ll be traveling to three different places. (Phillipines, Marocco & Prague)  And I’m planning a lot of fun stuff to do this year! It would be fun to bring you along. For some reason I’d never really liked to talk about my day, (You could probably tell because of my previous posts) Because for me, it’s not that interesting to read what I did that day for me, it can drive me even crazy. You won’t find a lot of pages in my journal as well, about my daily activities. But still, maybe it changed maybe I changed, and I will never say no to trying something new!

It is one of my goals you know, to do more fun things, to appreciate life more. And I’m living that goal at the moment. I did start big though (for me then, maybe not for you, idk). I’m leaving in thirty days to visit the other side of the world and I’ll do voluntary work and meet a whole new culture and another billion things! But I’m also trying to do stuff I’ve never done before in my own country and I’ll be tasting a bit of everything. I hope that by the end of the year I know who I want to be, who I am. Even though knowing that wouldn’t last very long because change is a daily habit in my life. And now you’re probably reading this and thinking, yeah right. I heard these goals about a billion times. And to make sure you believe me, I’ll tell you that I went to an amazing concert last night. And I song my guts off and laughed the whole night. I made some memories I’ll never forget!

Now you guess, who that amazing artist was!





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