Yesterday I ended up at the website from my old (best) friend. We were really close for a long time. And she is running this beauty/fashion website and is really doing great. But since we stopped talking and she really hurting my feelings. I stopped reading her posts, maybe it would be easier to get her out of my life that way.

And I have no clue how I ended up there, but I just started reading her post of New years resolutions and things she learned in 2k15, she also wrote about that her vision of fake friends changed. And sometimes you just know when they’re actually writing about you. But she wrote of other nasty stuff indirectly about me, but I hate the fact that I asked her so many times what I did wrong, and I just at the end gave up. Which was a really good decision though. And yes it makes me upset. But I know I’m smarter then this and I just should let it fly away. But words are easier then actions, and yes it hurts. It hurts me to read that somebody regrets spending time with me and calls me a fake friend. That hurts.

And it was that moment I started counting all the people that probably would never miss me, or even hate me. And I managed to keep these people out of my life. But thats not so easy. Especially because I hear story through other people, and people like it to change words or sentences. So you’ll never know if it’s true.

But what I wanted to write about is that I see after this long time, that there are some people that don’t like me at all. And I never thought about it, because it kinda hurts to be honest. But some people will never make this click. Some people will never be happy together for a long time. Even though the memories are so good. That’s life right? People come and go. The people who stay are the ones that matter the most. But that doesn’t mean you want that the people that go dislike you right? But that means I should be pretend I’m someone else to make them like me. And I won’t let that happen.


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