Am I saying goodbye? Am I leaving them Behind? Do I even want to? I just want to laugh my problems away. I just want leave, I don’t want to solve another problem. I don’t want cry myself a sleep again.

I will make this worse, then I’ll screw up and after all I realize it probably happens for a reason. At the end I will tell myself, I have to move on.

What if I’m not okay with these fights? I’m not made for this. I already had my lessons and it has to stop some day, right? I can’t go through the same lessons every time. I don’t want to end friendships like this.

People say that when you get drunk, your words are waking up. I’m a person that gets drunk so the words can finally speak. I can finally be myself. Because I can blame the alcohol. Everybody blames the alcohol. It’s weak and sad. Why can’t I be happy with myself? Why can’t I be proud of my words?

Because nobody wants to hear them.

At least the people around me don’t want to hear them.

They will say I think to much.


If you have the answers to all these questions, let me know!



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