“The game is over. I won”

Hi there,

Life was not always that easy for me. There where a lot of times I cried my eyeballs out, needed to hurt myself for distraction, wanted to be alone forever and wanting to run away. At that moment it felt like the only solution. It’s not like that anymore. Things have changed and I changed with them.

There are a lot of things I want to accomplish. Things I want to do before I will leave this earth. That’s why I made a bucket list.

But the things on my bucket list are huge goals. But I haven’t been working on these smaller goals I could do right now. Can I expect to reach my bigger goals if I haven’t even finished the small ones? I always dream big. What I truly admire about myself. But I think it could feel amazing if I reached some small goals along the way. Life is a amazing game. And it is up to me how I’m planning to play it. I want to win. That’s for sure. I hope I will say one day, “the game is over. I won.”



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