Yesterday I had to say goodbye. I wrote four full pages to say goodbye to my first journal. Even though it is just a notebook. That little thing keeps my biggest secrets, my story’s, actually everything that happend since January the 19th. It probably made me starting this blog. I started to write more every day. And yes, as a little girl I kept thousands of journals, but I could never write longer then a month. (seriously, that’s my record…) I made a mistake. I’d never enjoyed writing about what I had for breakfast or which boy looked cute that day. It bored me. But now I realize that there are so many ways to write. This is the first Journal where I started writing about my feelings, my deeper thoughts. I started challenging myself. And it only took me a month to fall in love with writing everything down. Since that day I’ve been carrying that little book everywhere. But right now, a lot of days, words and sentences later. It’s done. It’s full. I say goodbye.

So when I only had a few pages left, I started to look back at everything that happend. A lot. Some people say you shouldn’t read what you wrote in your Journal. But it makes me see my mistakes, the steps I made, the people I left behind, the memories to the good days and the bad. Those things made me who I am today. And I’m not proud about everything that happend, but I would never want to change a little thing about it. It happend. I learned from it. I wrote about it. I’ll get over it.

Thanks to that amazing book for keeping everything inside. Thank you for making a lot of nights easier. Just Thank you for making me, me.

Thanks! (to my journal who would never be able to read this, but whatever)


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