Hi there!

Welcome to DWLLEW, I’m really happy your having a look at my blog, and actually taking the time to read the words I’m making up right now. I’ve been blogging, I’ve stopped, I’ve started again and stopped. So maybe your wondering why I’m starting again and why I haven’t introduced myself yet. Well, let me tell you. Even though I loved blogging and everything I learned about it, I was never  writing down what I wanted to write about. And I’m being honest, I’m not scared of a lot of things, but the society scares my but off. I’m being judged by every one around me. I tried to disappear in conversations and actually, I tried to disappear in life. But it wasn’t that easy. I practically failed. This world is so busy at fitting in to groups, at becoming just another copycat. And yes, I’m playing that game as well. I hate it so much but it feels like I have too, so I try to fit in. This means I’m practically doing everything I hate about this society. That’s why I’m living two lives. The one I’m living right now, and the one people around me play with me. It is just very hard to let people see you have another life. when they have met your first life already. It is possible. I tried, but I have to be more careful with it.

So, what you know about me is that I’m just another girl, living the life society wants her to. I started this blog because I was upset about the fact that so many people know the me I’m playing everyday. But less then 3 people know the me I am. The me I want to be. So you will (if your interested in reading my story’s) learn everything about me without a name and a birth place.

I hope that with this blog, people won’t be judged by their money, brands or looks or whatever, but let’s all speak these thoughts out and write them down. Nobody needs to know. Just inspire, make your own words, but learn from others.

Let’s have some fun with this!


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